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The Frank Skipper Law Firm tackles every area of family law, from adoptions to child custody, to enforcement of orders, with two office locations in South Lake and Fort Worth Texas, we help clients make sense of these uncertain times. We listen to your story and advise you of the law and your options based on your situation. At the end of your consultation, we will offer a plan of action designed to have the greatest probability of achieving your goals, in as civil and stress-free manner as possible.

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Divorce has been listed as one of the top 5 most stressful events in a person's life. It has been said that people going through divorce are good people at their very worst. Expertly guiding people through the divorce process is something that the Frank Skipper Law Firm takes very seriously. Many legal decisions made during the divorce will have forever consequences. In addition to child custody and visitation issues, or in the event there are no children, issues of separate and community property are critical to effectuate an appropriate distribution of marital assets. The court will divide the assets of the parties in a manner it deems to be just and equitable, however; disputes often arise regarding the nature and value of property. The Frank Skipper Law Firm will help you sort through these issues including the marital residence, business assets, employer benefits, retirement plans, and any insurance policies. As a litigation attorney in Southlake, TX, Mr. Skipper has handled thousands of divorces from Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, and all points in between.

Child Custody & Visitation

When child custody or visitation is at issue, in Forth Worth, Dallas, Denton, or the mid cities your attorney does matter. Parents in either a divorce or post-divorce custody dispute usually have one goal - to have as much time with their children in order to continue to have as great a role as possible in their child's life. The court will make this determination mainly on what the court determines to be "the best interest of the child". Options to handle these issues include litigation, mediation, and/or collaborative law. Issues the Frank Skipper Law Firm has successfully handled over the years include grandparents' rights, child support and expenses, and who will retain primary custody of the child. Determination of where the children will live, and who will have rights to make decisions regarding the children's educational and medical issues are also critically important. These issues are very emotional and frequently highly contentious. The Frank Skipper Law Firm has the ability and experience to advance your conservatorship goals to give you the best chance of achieving them. As a child custody attorney, Mr. Skiper never loses sight of your desires and your children's best intrests.

Frequently the court will look to several factors to make a custody determination. These Include:

• The stability of the environment provided by a specific parent;
• The general fitness of each parent;
• Which parent is responsible for the child's primary care; (i.e. feeding, dressing preparing meals, etc.)
• Any dangers a proposed parent may impose;
• A parent's involvement in a child's schooling and extracurricular activities;
• Whether a parent has tried to turn the child against the other parent;
• Whether the parents can work together for the benefit of the child;
• The emotional needs of the child; and
• In a child over 12 years of age, the preferences of the child.

The Court however, is not restricted to these particular factors and will frequently consider other information to attempt to determine what the Court believes is the best for the child. This is specifically why an experienced attorney like Frank Skipper is so critical to have on your side.

Spousal Maintenance

In Texas, under certain circumstances a dependent spouse may, during the divorce, and for a period of time after the marriage has ended, receive spousal maintenance. Other states call this alimony. Many factors contribute to whether the court will award the dependent party spousal maintenance. This underscores the need for an expert, like Frank Skipper as your attorney. Whether you are seeking spousal support or it is being sought from you, this is a critical issue that needs expert handling from the beginning. While there is no "informal seperation." period required under Taxas Law, the process can nevertheless be lengthy, and thus the issueof sposal maintence can have a direct barring on a parties ability to fight for their rights in a case.

Property & Assets

Along with child custody and support issues and in any case in which there are no children, the divison of property and assets is a major component to be resolved in a divorce. In a community property state, such as Texas, the law assumes that everything acquired during the marriage is community property. However, such is not always the case, and the characterization of the property of the marital estate as either "separate" or "community" is critical to an appropriate resolution of a divorce case.

Separate property can include:
• Anything acquired prior to the marriate by a party;
• Anything inherited by one of the parties;
• Any gift from one party to the other;
• Any gifts specifically to one of the parties and not the other; and
• Certain personal injury awards to a party.

Our firm has years of experience dealing with everything from complex cases involving large estates to estates with nominal assets. Each of these cases is handled with equal importance and dignity, regardless of the amount of money or value involved. Mr. Skipper's undergraduate degree in accounting and his many years practicing business law give him particular insight into family and business finances which he utilizes to his clients advantage in the division of property.

Paternity Law

Many couples today have children without being married and the paternity of the children is frequently brought into question. In this circumstance, a man is not legally established as the father until legal action is taken. Therefore, the father would have no visitation or custody rights. The Frank Skipper Law Firm uses the latest technology, including DNA testing, to establish or disprove paternity in order to benefit the client.

Enforcement of Orders

Frequently, following the issuance of an order by the Court, a party fails to comply with the Court's order or accuses our client of a similar failure, thus leaving their children without the proper child support or medical support. The Skipper Law Firm will work diligently to prosecute individuals who fail to comply with Court orders and obtain appropriate relief for their clients. On the other hand, if you have been inappropriately accused of failing to pay child support or medical support, the firm has successfully fought many actions to defend a party wrongfully accused of such violation.

Grandparents' Rights

Grandparents can play a critical role in the upbringing of a child. The law recognizes certain rights of grandparents to attempt to secure their ability to have input into the rearing of their grandchildren. This can include litigation involving custody of the grandchild or for vistation rights. The Frank Skipper Law Firm understands the issues surrounding the grandparent in these circumstances and has helped many grandparents assert their rights.